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The neighbourhood basketball association (nba) is a community-based, charitable organization established in response to critical community needs.  Our mission is to improve the life outcomes for at-risk, criminalized, Black youth by providing free or low-cost educational, recreational and social development opportunities.


Our purpose is to prevent and address problems faced by at-risk youth, such as delinquency, substance abuse, violence, and academic barriers, by providing counseling, workshops, athletics, scholarships and educational programs.


We will strive to educate the student athlete on the basic fundamentals of basketball, nutrition, sportsmanship, education, fitness training, skill development, strength and conditioning.

We will strive to develop the highest level of basketball skills attainable by the individual player and/or team by creating focused athletes who are aware of the mental, spiritual and physical aspects of fitness, life, education and the game of basketball. 

To that end, we are also committed to upgrading existing basketball courts in underserved communities city-wide, so that youth will have a decent place to play (that is close to home) during the Summer as well as the use of schools during the Winter.


Using basketball as an outreach and engagement tool, our objective is to help at-risk youth, particularly Black youth, increase their chances of leading successful lives by preventing academic failure and/or initial or repeated contact with the criminal justice system by providing:

  1. academic tutoring/instruction;
  2. academic scholarships and bursaries;
  3. educational workshops; and
  4. personal counseling 

Past experience has shown that the sport of basketball is an effective outreach and engagement tool as it is affordable and the sport of choice for many youth, particularly Black youth, residing in low-income communities throughout the Greater Toronto Area. 

The coach-player bond as well as relationships with youth spectators that are cultivated through community basketball games, drop-in programs, clinics and camps, creates an atmosphere where youth feel comfortable enough to communicate their challenges and needs, which has guided us in determining the appropriate services and resources to offer.


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